Representative Muradian Sits on Chapter 90 Conference Committee

May 8th 2018 BOSTON – Representative David K. Muradian, Jr. (R-Grafton) recently played a crucial role in the municipal road and bridge funding bill after being appointed by House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. (R- North Reading) to sit on the Chapter 90 Conference Committee.

The House initially approved a Chapter 90 bond bill on April 5, while the Senate passed its own version on April 11.  The conference committee was tasked to reconcile the differences between the two bills, and came to an agreement on the $200 million spending plan just hours before it was voted on April 26 by both legislative branches.

“I am honored to have had the opportunity to play such an important role in this process,” said Representative Muradian. “Our cities and towns rely on this money to carry out necessary road repairs and begin new projects, and I was adamant that we must deliver this funding expeditiously so communities can move forward with their local priorities.  I want to thank my fellow conferees for considering my input and agreeing to my request to move quickly in releasing this funding.”

Established in 1973, the Chapter 90 program allocates funding on an annual basis to cities and towns using a formula based on the weighted average of a municipality’s population, employment and total road miles. The funds are paid out as reimbursements to communities for qualifying infrastructure work.

Chapter 90 funds can be spent on a variety of municipal roadway projects, including resurfacing, drainage, sidewalks, guardrails, traffic control, right-of-way acquisition and street lighting. The funding can also be used for bikeways, landscaping and tree planting associated with certain projects and for purchasing and maintaining certain road building machinery, equipment and tools.

The 9th Worcester District is expected to receive the following funding:

  • Grafton: $500,906
  • Northbridge: $470,590
  • Upton: $313,614

Any constituent who wishes to speak to Representative Muradian or his staff are urged to please call (617) 722-2240 or e-mail at [email protected].

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