Rep. Muradian Pleased to Announce Governor Baker’s Plan to Release Transportation Funds

January 16th 2015 BostonRepresentative David K. Muradian, Jr. (R-Grafton) is excited to announce that Governor Charlie Baker plans to release $100 million of Chapter 90 funds, making good on one of his campaign promises. These funds are for road and bridge repairs all across the Commonwealth, and were held back by Governor Patrick last year. 

I would like to thank Governor Baker for sticking to his word and releasing this money that Governor Patrick had been holding back. These monies will go a long way towards improving the quality of infrastructure throughout the district,said Representative Muradian.

The communities of the 9th Worcester District stand to receive a substantial increase in Chapter 90 funds of almost 50% more than initially expected. The towns will now be seeing the following increases:

Grafton will increase from $502,214 to $753,321

Northbridge will increase from $475,045 to $712,568

Upton will increase from $319,315 to $478,972

Representative Muradian further stated, I am excited to work with the Governors office, as well as the communities in my district, to make sure that these funds go a long way toward improving the quality of our roads both in our district and all across the Commonwealth.

The funds will be released immediately and will be added to the townsapportionment amount. All of the information regarding the Chapter 90 program and the amounts themselves for the entire Commonwealth are available on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website. 

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