Representative Muradian Appointed to Key Committees

February 18th 2015 BOSTON – Representative David K. Muradian, Jr. (R-Grafton) is pleased to announce that he has been appointed to several key legislative committees for the 2015-2016 session, by House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. 

Representative Muradian has been named as the Ranking Minority Member of the Joint Committee on Higher Education, and the Assistant Ranking Minority Member of the Joint Committee on Transportation. The Grafton Representative will also serve as a member of the House Committee on Personnel & Administration.

“Representative Muradian came into office with a wealth of knowledge about the legislative process, having worked for years as an aide to former Representative George Peterson,” stated Representative Jones. “His predecessor did a tremendous job representing the residents of the Ninth Worcester District, and I am confident Representative Muradian will carry on that tradition as he assumes his new committee responsibilities.”

“I am pleased to receive my committee assignments from the Minority Leader,” stated Representative Muradian. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to tackle the many issues of concern to my constituents in the areas of higher education, and transportation during the upcoming legislative session. I think it will be especially important to be a strong voice on the Transportation Committee standing up for our district, as we know firsthand the difficulties that the Commuter Rail has endured due to the recent weather.

Legislative Committees allow members to focus on certain issues coming before the Legislature and preside over hearings regarding legislation. Members of the Minority Party in the House of Representatives receive their committee assignments, for both House and Joint committees from the House Minority Leader. Members of the Majority Party receive their assignments from the Speaker of the House. 

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