Representative Muradian Testifies Before Joint Committee on Revenue

July 22nd 2015 Boston – State Representative David Muradian (R-Grafton) testified yesterday before the Joint Committee on Revenue regarding two pieces of legislation that he filed earlier this year. 

The pieces of legislation, on which Rep. Muradian testified, An Act relative Sales Tax Exemptions for Gun Safes and Trigger Locks and An Act Relative to the Exemption of Personal Safety Devices, pertain to sales tax exemptions for certain purchases within the Commonwealth.

The current law states that commercial gun safes and trigger locks are sales tax exempt; this proposed legislation would expand sales tax exemptions to purchases made by private citizens. This would put an incentive in place for individuals to purchase quality safes and trigger locks, thus helping to encourage safe and proper firearm storage across the Commonwealth.

Exempting personal safety devices, such as Life Alert,from the sales tax in the Commonwealth would go a long way toward protecting seniors and the elderly, two very vulnerable populations in Massachusetts. Giving our seniors who would like to maintain their independence by purchasing one of these devices a tax break, will help save the lives of our seniors.

I welcomed the opportunity to testify before the Joint Committee on Revenue at a hearing yesterday regarding my bills,Representative David Muradian stated. I believe

that both of these bills will serve the Commonwealth well in different ways. Tax exemptions for gun safes and trigger locks will go a long way toward safe firearm ownership. Exempting personal safety devices will serve to help protect the elderly, one of the most vulnerable populations in the Commonwealth, who want to maintain a sense of independence while remaining safe in their homes.

Following yesterdays testimony by Rep. Muradian, the bills will be reported out of the Committee with either a favorable, ought to passrecommendation or an unfavorable, ought not to passrecommendation. The Representative is hopeful for a favorable, ought to passrecommendation. 

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