Meet Dave


David Muradian, Jr. is the State Representative of the Ninth Worcester District, consisting of the towns of Grafton, Northbridge and Upton.

Dave was born and raised in the Blackstone Valley and currently resides in Grafton, giving him a great appreciation for the district that he calls home. He knows how resilient the residents are, and how such hardworking communities need a voice on Beacon Hill that will fight for them. 

Prior to serving in the Massachusetts State Legislature, Dave was the Director of Local Affairs to Representative George Peterson. Dave’s seven years working side-by-side with George enabled him to forge close working relationships with many elected officials and staff members, before taking office himself.

Now as State Representative, Dave has hit the ground running making sure to be OUR voice on Beacon Hill.  Shortly after being sworn into office, Dave was named the Ranking Member of the Joint Committee on Higher Education, as well as the Assistant Ranking Member on the Joint Committee on Transportation. After the winter that we faced, it is quite telling that the Republican Party viewed Dave as an asset to help the Baker/Polito Administration turn around a failed transportation system.


Dave has also been appointed as a member of the 495/MetroWest Suburban Edge Community Commission, which explores development challenges such as infrastructure needs, transit services, residential development, reuse of former industrial facilities and historic mills, brownfields reclamation, and downtown redevelopment issues.

He has laid out a clear message of his top priorities for the district, including increasing local aid, MBTA reform, a commitment to our children and our schools, Increasing Investments in local projects funding, and protecting our seniors. 

Already making strides towards each of these priorities, Dave has been instrumental in obtaining additional local aid to our communities. Even in the wake of a $1 billion dollar budget deficit left by the prior administration, he advocated tirelessly for Grafton, Northbridge and Upton to receive this much needed additional funding. 


As the Assistant Ranking Member on the Transportation Committee, Dave has co-sponsored initiatives that would enhance our public transportation system. He was able to help secure key provisions within the budget that would give the necessary tools to Governor Baker and his Administration to fix a broken system. 

While difficult decisions needed to be made to rein in out of control spending and the $1 billion dollar budget deficit, Dave made sure that our children would be a priority. He was successful in raising the Per Pupil Allocation from $20 to $25, increased Regional School Transportation funding, and was an integral part of restoring funding to the Kindergarten Expansion Grants. He has filed pieces of legislation that would have a positive effect on our communities. As an example, he chief sponsored legislation that would change the Special Education Circuit Breaker funding formula, where the state would pick up more of the costs, allowing our local communities to allocate additional funds elsewhere.

Aside from our children, seniors are the most vulnerable members of society. Dave has been there for them, filing legislation to make personal safety devices such as ‘Life Alert’ systems tax exempt. He has also made it a priority to hold his office hours at Senior Centers, making sure they know their importance in our communities and giving them easy access to have their voices heard.

A successful government is one that provides accessibility to its constituents, and Dave assures us of his commitment to an open, transparent form of representation. He loves our communities, he loves our district, and he loves our hardworking attitude. He looks forward to continuing to be our community’s voice, as a full-time Representative.












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