Muradian, Fattman, and Moore Excited to Announce Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program Award Grant

June 12th 2017 BOSTON – Representative David K. Muradian, Jr. (R-Grafton), Senator Ryan C. Fattman (R-Webster), and Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury) are excited to announce that Grafton, Northbridge, and Millbury have been awarded a $32,000 Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program Grant.

The Baker-Polito Administration established the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Grant Program in an effort to alleviate the devastating effects that climate change and natural disasters can leave on a community. Planning and preparation are necessary components of any successful program, and the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Grant Program will provide funds to cities and towns to assess and improve current measures already in place. Resiliency planning will not only help cities and towns increase readiness, but also improve the safety and support of their communities.

The towns of Grafton, Northbridge, and Millbury have entered into a Regional Partnership agreement.This partnership will improve readiness between the three towns, and their cooperation will increase the potential for the program’s success. Through the use of shared knowledge and resources, the towns of Grafton, Northbridge, and Millbury can better prepare and respond to any potential disasters related to climate change in each community.

“Climate change is a pressing issue and its effects are constantly felt across the globe,” said Representative David Muradian. “Through the use of these grant funds and the Regional Partnership, I am confident that our towns will continue to be prepared in the event that a natural disaster does occur. I also want to thank the Baker-Polito Administration for their constant efforts to improving the safety of our towns through preventative measures such as the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program.”

“These award funds will allow our communities to complete town assessments deemed vulnerable and to develop action-oriented resiliency plans against climate change,” said Senator Ryan Fattman. “I applaud our communities’ efforts and stewardship and thank the Baker/Polito administration for creating this new program.”

“While Massachusetts continues to be a leader in pursuing clean energy options, it is also important to help communities identify opportunities to reduce risks and to build resilience against potential threats such as extreme weather and climate-related hazards,” said Senator Michael Moore. “Given recent events, it is particularly important for our Commonwealth to take the lead in this area.  The funding through the MVP Program will go a long way to help Grafton, Millbury and Northbridge adapt to climate change as part of a regional partnership.”   

Grafton, Northbridge, and Millbury have all committed to the program, and have taken the necessary steps for the grant program. These steps include: providing a signed letter from a town official; a declaration to prepare for the effects of climate change in each community; establishing a project manager to supervise projects relating to the program; and providing an outline of current plans and processes. Grant recipients were selected through a competitive application process. All projects are required to not only provide quarterly reports, but a final report as well.

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