Representative Muradian Releases Rainbow Trout with MassFisheries and Students

April 27th 2017 BOSTON- Representative David K. Muradian, Jr. (R-Grafton), recently joined with Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife and Grafton High School students to release rainbow trout on April 10th.

A handful of students with an interest in biology or environmental science were invited to partake in this educational event. Representative Muradian worked with the Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Game, George Peterson, to arrange this exciting event for the students. All who wished to participate were given a large bucket that would be filled with a handful of rainbow trout. The students were then instructed to throw the fish into the river. While doing so, they were taught that throwing the fish and allowing them to ‘slap’ the water is encouraged. This creates a shock like effect that guarantees the fish will continue to swim in their new habitat.

“I am so incredibly happy with how this educational event turned out,” said Representative Muradian. “It was a great experience for Grafton High School students to be able to participate in, and correlate this involvement with all that they’ve learned throughout the year. I also want to thank Massachusetts Wildlife and Fisheries for their constant dedication, and I look forward to working with them in the near future.”

“As always, it was a great experience to watch the students participate in releasing the rainbow trout,” said Commissioner Peterson. “I enjoyed working with Representative Muradian to arrange this event, and I look forward to working with him in the future.” 

Along with Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife, Representative Muradian worked with Deborah Cote, the Environmental Department Head of Grafton High School, to ensure that this event was a success. 

“Thank you once again to Representative Muradian, for setting up and including us in the trout release,” said Deborah Cote. “What a perfect weather day and what a great experience for my students to see what work is being done in the rivers ecology. They were very excited to help out and interested in the roles everyone plays to make these things happen. I will look forward to this again next year.

“Based on the event’s success I hope to host this again next year, and continue to educate the students through real life experiences,” said Representative Muradian.



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