Representative Muradian, Representative Kuros and Senator Fattman Join with Lieutenant Governor Polito in Signing Community Compact Agreements

June 13th 2016 BOSTON – Representatives David K. Muradian, Jr. (R-Grafton) and Kevin J. Kuros (R-Uxbridge), join Senator Ryan C. Fattman (R-Webster) in announcing that the towns of Northbridge, Blackstone, Franklin, and Hopedale have entered into Community Compact agreements.

On Tuesday June 7th, Northbridge, Blackstone, Franklin, and Hopedale signed Community Compact agreements with the state. This voluntary process contains a mutual agreement with the Baker-Polito Administration where each town implements an area they would like to improve. Northbridge set their target on economic development, education, and energy. Blackstone is partnering with the Administration on an effort to expand veterans' housing. Hopedale dedicated their Community Compact towards capital improvements.

The Baker-Polito Administration established the Community Compact in January of 2015 in an effort to strengthen partnerships between the administration and municipalities. This compact allows cities and towns to make improvements through collaboration with the Commonwealth. Communities are encouraged to join, and will have the opportunity to receive incentives that include grant programs and resources to help improve their towns.

“Improvement of economic development, education, and energy in Northbridge ensures that our community continues to strive within the Commonwealth,” said Representative Muradian. “Each community will benefit from these agreements and I want to thank the Baker-Polito Administration for their continued dedication to improving the great state of Massachusetts. I am proud to say that all three communities within my district have partnered with this administration in signing Community Compact Agreements.”

“This Community Compact will help bring best practices and improvements on every end of government including relationships with state government and towns of the district. The unity that is formed with this Community Compact will drive progress in designated areas of government and in Massachusetts as a whole. I am proud that this compact was formed and look forward to the continued growth of these towns,” said Senator Fattman. 

"The Community Compact program is one of the most effective partnerships between the Administration and towns that I've seen in my time in the Legislature," said Representative Kuros.  "It's encouraging to know that as Blackstone works to expand the availability of critically needed veteran's housing that the Baker-Polito Administration will be there to support the town. I appreciate the Blackstone leaders' commitment to our veterans and hope the program they are implementing can be a best practice across the Commonwealth."



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